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“We the People” Win Again! Hurray Arizona Medical Marijuana!

The state of Arizona has once again attempted to get Judge Gordon’s pro-medical marijuana ruling appealed. But once again, the state lost. And “we the people” have won again!

This means that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is here to stay, at least for a little while. Hopefully, state officials will now stop fighting against the voter-approved Medical Marijuana Act and against the people that they are suppose to work for (Arizonans, who also happen to pay their salaries). Technically, that means we are paying them (six-figure salaries) to go fight against us.

Aren’t government officials supposed to work for their citizens, not against them? Which brings me to another question: Why are Arizona officials spending thousands of man hours (of taxpayers’ money) blatantly fighting against our voter-approved law, when they are supposed to be fighting for us!?

I can tell you one thing: I’d be fired if I performed the exact opposite tasks that my job entailed… It’d be like a stipper putting on more clothes as she danced.

Well that’s my two cents for today. And thank you to the judges who upheld the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Have great Friday Arizonans!


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