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Glass Taster Pipe

Taster Pipe Green

This glass taster pipe is brilliantly designed for tasting lots of sweet leaf, special blends and prize nuggets.

Hand crafted out of high quality borosilicate glass by American Glass Works the inside-outside fritting and massive clear marbles keeps it running and looking cool. This unique glass pipe also makes for awesome coffee table fixture!

The thick colored and clear glass magnifies an array of rich colors cures this glass taster pipe with a surreal rainbow effect. Handcrafting clear marbles with frit inside and out account for the higher price of this pipe, naturally because of the extra time and skill involved.

If you are looking for a tasty piece of functional art that will yield years of happy smoking, look no more. This chunky glass taster pipe is available in aqua, white or orange and American Glass Works ships within 3 to 7 days.

Get yours today!

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