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Steele Concept Water Pipe Review

The Steele Concept Water Pipe is awesome. It is officially the first water pipe that we haven’t been able to break. The Steele Concept water pipe is made of steel and polycarbonate (a light-weight, shatter-proof, high-impact capable thermoplastic).

The design is something from a futuristic movie. Aesthetically, it is modern, sleek, and simplistic. It appears to belong in a contemporary fine art gallery or museum. Yet, it is so durable that it could fit right in next to sledgehammers and wrenches at a construction site.

The Steele Concept smokes wonderfully. It bubbles up nicely (as seen in video) and can hit as hard as a freight train. It’s also as sturdy as a freight train. Who ever said glass makes the best water pipes? The Steele Concept water pipe comes with five steel ice cubes, and glass down stem and bowl. The Steele Concept will be the last water pipe you ever have to purchase. This thing is built to outlast the human race.

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