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Marijuana Strains

February, 2013

January, 2013

  • 14 January

    Blue Widow Marijuana Review

    Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

    The Blue Widow marijuana strain is a combination of Blueberry and White Widow marijuana strains. This combination makes the Blue Widow ...

  • 9 January

    Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain Review

    Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain

    Bubba Kush is an amazing marijuana strain known primarily for its medicinal benefits for pain relief. Bubba Kush also has additional ...

  • 6 January

    Kushberry Marijuana Review

    Kushberry AZ Marijuana Strain

    The Kushberry marijuana strain is a hybrid of OG Kush and Blueberry. It has great smell that reminds us of the ...

December, 2012

  • 30 December

    Medi Bud Marijuana Strain Review

    Medi Bud Marijuana Strain

    Hopefully you’re not colorblind, because this sativa Medi Bud strain is absolutely vibrant and startling to stare at. The orange hairs ...

  • 23 December

    Lamb’s Bread Marijuana Strain Review

    Lambs Bread Marijuana Strain

    The sweet but spicy smell of this sativa Lamb’s Bread strain was fantastic. The aroma filled the entire office the moment ...

  • 12 December

    God’s Gift Marijuana Strain Review

    God's Gift Marijuana Strain

    This indica strain certainly was a gift. All weekend long the Review Team evaluated God’s Gift, and we all felt ...