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Medi Bud Marijuana Strain Review

Hopefully you’re not colorblind, because this sativa Medi Bud strain is absolutely vibrant and startling to stare at. The orange hairs just jump out at you. And their scent is fantastic as well.

Medi Bud left us with a strong euphoric high, similar to the effects of consuming certain edibles. Our thoughts gently raced in our minds, but for the most part they were very pleasant and controllable. We felt upbeat and ready to be active, but there were no objections from anyone when we went out for dinner and a movie.

Expect a nice strong and long-lasting high from this Medi Bud. Medicate with Medi Bud for any occasion.

The AZMedicalBud team dedicate their full attention to helping fellow medical marijuana patients and donating time and medicine to patients in need; including to hospice and hospitalized patients. The AZMedicalBud team has been known to run errands, clean homes, and truly befriend their patients with which they help.

Contact AZMedicalBud’s delivery service and team of caregivers at any of the following emails: Jim at, Kyle at, or Dan the Man at AZMedicalBud can also be found in the Forum, under the username: Budman.


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