Tue , September 18, 2018
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September, 2018

  • 7 September

    24K Edition K-Vape by KandyPens

    Kandypens Vape

    If you’re looking for a classy and exclusive vape, then you’ve just found it! Kandypens’ K-Vape is the ideal portable dry ...

August, 2018

July, 2018

  • 1 July

    The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

    The Volcano Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful and sturdy portable device. The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ...

June, 2018

  • 16 June

    The Pinnacle Dry Herb Vaporizer


    From the makers of VaporBLUNT, the Pinnacle vaporizer is smaller than the VaporBLUNT and bigger than a pen vape. This lightweight ...

May, 2018

  • 23 May

    The Firefly 2 Vaporizer

    Firefly Vape

    The Firefly 2 vaporizer is a dual-functioning vape that can vape both dry herb and concentrates. This portable vape can go ...

  • 1 May

    Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer

    The Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite boasts precision temperature control, one of the largest heating chambers in the industry, ...

April, 2018

  • 18 April

    Hyer Big-E Rig

    So long, torch! The Hyer Big-E Rig converts your glass water pipe into a portable torch-less dab rig. Simply attach your ...

  • 10 April

    Dr. Dabber Boost Wax Vaporizer

    This eRig is the next generation electronic dab rig from one of the most trusted names in the industry: Dr. Dabber. ...

March, 2018

  • 26 March

    Herbalizer Vaporizer


    Vaporize in style with the Herbalizer! The Herbalizer vaporizer is one of the best multi-functioning desktop vaporizers on the market. It has ...

  • 2 March

    KandyPens’ Gravity Zero Vaporizer

    If you’re looking for the perfect portable concentrate vaporizer, then look no further. The Gravity Zero vaporizer by KandyPens was awarded ...