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iLAVA Delta 8 Clarity Clementine 1000 mg (Sativa)


By Brittany A.

Today, I was more than excited to run down and pick up a bag full of concentrates to re-infuse my life with high-grade cartridges. I grabbed three while I was visiting a midtown dispensary on this visit. For this review I want to focus on the iLAVA Delta 8 (D8) Clarity 1000 mg cartridge of Clementine. Spoiler alert – Clementine is a smooth sailing sativa.

I usually smoke indica strains or indica dominant hybrids myself, but I was starting to realize that I was getting sick of feeling sleepy all the time. It’s not that I don’t like that heavy-hitting, psychedelic stoned that indicas provide but Roger the budtender sold me on the idea of sativa concentrates. He basically explained to me that by mixing a heavy-hitting sativa with some of my favorite indica strains or hybrid favorites that I would be able to achieve a more energetic high. So let me break this down further in the product review and strain details.

iLAVA Clarity 1000mg Clementine Cartridge

You might be asking, “What is a Clementine?” This small sweet citrus fruit is a cross between Mandarin and sweet oranges. The fragrance of oranges and other citrus fruits are also known as essential oils. In fruit, the oils are found in the peel but cannabis derived essential oils are called terpenes can be found in the flowers and leaves. This it what makes iLAVA Delta 8 Clarity 1000 mg cartridges so delicious. The terpenes are also responsible for many of the uplifting effects of Clementine – a high-flying sativa strain.

Appearance 4.5/5

Looking at the iLAVA Delta 8 Clarity 1000 mg I have to say I was already drooling just at the thought of the citrusy terpenes inside. When I slid the box open I was not surprised to find a very clear cartridge filled with Clementine distillate. Solvent-free, and made with additional terpenes, this cartridge looked close to perfect to me.

Smell Taste 5/5

The smell and taste of Clementine is something like summer orange blossoms in Phoenix. Around here, there are a lot of things that are citrus flavored during the summer. So when the temperature reaches over 110 degrees, citrus flavors are super refreshing. Many people are using essential oils today to refresh their skin, homes, cars, and office space as well as CBD, and terpene vaporizers. However, this vape contains only Delta 8 Clarity THC which is far less psychoactive than its cousin D9 THC. The smell and taste of this Clementine concentrate is clearly from the terpenes, and its ability to stabilize my psychoactive high from Pink Kush was a simultaneous perk. Five stars for this terpene profile!

Smoke 5/5

For some reason, hitting Clementine from my vape pen was especially smooth. With other cartridges that I have used lately I had to turn my pen down to lower settings or it would cause explosive coughing. However, with this cartridge I was able to inhale deeply and exhale out of my mouth smoothly. That way, I noticed I was able to more fully taste each individual terpene. The smoke was absolutely, 5-star fabulous.

After Effects 5/5

One of the things that I like best about Clementine from the iLAVA D8 Clarity is the terpene profile. Terpenes give a strain its flavor, and many of its after effects. Clementine is an energizing sativa with invigorating, tangy terpenes. With a cooling aftertaste of pine and maybe even menthol, this mind-bending smoke was nothing but 5-stars. I was able to turn up my energy levels with a Friday wake ‘n bake session from my new cartridge. I smoked it with my morning coffee and a gentle stretch routine then I immediately felt a blast of citrusy bliss. Later, after pairing it with Pink Kush I felt a whole new high from both strains.

NOTE: I would highly recommend pairing iLAVA D8 Clarity 1000 mg cannabis concentrate cartridges with any heavy purple or indica strain. The clear-headedness and energizing effects are real!

Overall 5/5

OK … I feel kind of weird about this like it’s almost romantic. I gave this product a five out of five. I assure you this does not happen often but it is due to the ultra-pure, ultra-clear concentrates of iLAVA D8 Clarity 1000 mg. I am telling you I feel completely high yet completely clear-headed and energized both in my mind and my body. Not only that, but I’ve been smoking since I woke up and including ground Pink Kush in my bong rips. It’s just about 2 in the afternoon now and I’m ready to do a short yoga routine and get back to work at my desk.

If you’re looking for a strain that will give you a reliable pick-me-up – Clementine is it. Head to your local dispensary and ask your favorite bud tender about energizing citrusy sativas like this one. Clementine is definitely one of my favorites at this time, and I hope that after this review you ask about citrus terpenes and their delicious flavor.

Find iLAVA Delta 8 Clarity at these dispensaries:

– Harvest
– Curaleaf
– Nirvana Center
– Health For Life
– Oasis
– Downtown Dispensary
– D2 Dispensary
– Level Up
– The Holistic Center
– MuV
– YiLo
– TruMed
– Superior

Learn more about Delta 8 THC at iLAVA.COM

Image: iLAVA


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