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The Cannador Humidor

Cannabis has become lavish, which means you’re gonna need the Cannador humidor to be a true cannabis connoisseur.

The Cannador is an airtight humidification box for short- and long-term storage of herbs, tobacco, teas, or spices. The exterior is made with either solid walnut or cherry wood. The interior is made of mahogany for odorless humidity control.

The Cannador is available in two sizes. The larger Cannador has a storage compartment in addition to a five-can configuration, while the smaller Cannador has a six-can configuration with no storage compartment. CannadorThe small cans can fit an eighth of an ounce of dried herbs, and the large can can fit a quarter of an ounce of dried herbs.

Inside the Cannador is the Humidity Bead System® which controls the environment by absorbing and releasing humidity. The Humidity Bead System® is capable of keeping herbs perfectly moist and can even re-moisten dried out herbs.

This is the world’s easiest humidor to operate: once a month, simply take the Humidity Bead System® and dip a quarter of it into water. Then place it back in the Cannador. And whalla! That’s it. We followed this instruction flawlessly and found that our four cans of medical marijuana stayed moist and sticky for weeks. And, unlike plastic bags or glass jars, there was no odor emitted from the Cannador.

The Cannador company believes in social responsibility and has partnered with Plant-It 2020, a non-profit dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible. Through this initiative Cannador has pledged to plant one tree for every Cannador purchased.

The Cannador is the best marijuana storage device we’ve ever used. We highly recommend purchasing a Cannador… Your herbs will thank you for years to come!


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