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Growing Your Own Marijuana

IlovegrowingmarijuanaThe decision to grow your own marijuana instead of purchasing from a dispensary is one that many medical marijuana users must consider. Between the hassle of not having enough medicine when you need it, the desire to remain private about your needs, and purchasing marijuana seeds online in order to grow at your own convenience, is something people worldwide are turning to.

While it is fairly easy to purchase marijuana seeds from online vendors, it can be difficult to know whom to trust and what to buy. Options at seedbanks can be based on where the seeds were grown, the reputation of the company, strain selection and shipping options. It’s important to know that many companies will not ship seeds to the United States due to custom regulations, but there are some who will discretely ship marijuana seeds to the USA.

Purchasing seeds can be a challenge in itself, but the Arizona climate makes knowing how to grow those seeds another. It is best to grow marijuana seeds indoors inside of a carefully set up climate and humidity controlled room. Marijuana seeds also need special attention to germinate and eventually grow into usable plants. How the seeds are handled early in the growing period will affect the strength of the mature plant; therefore, those looking to have their own personal supply must give their plants enough attention before they grow into something recognizable. You can read more about this process at our website:

For many patients, growing marijuana plants is a therapeutic and rewarding practice. The plants have a short growing period, a beautiful aroma and stature, and are able to grow indoors with proper grow lamps. Once the plant has reached maturity, the buds can be dried and smoked. Additionally, other parts of the plants can be used for marijuana-infused butter that can be added to foods for THC edibles.

You can read more about this process at our website:

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