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Learn How Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Benefit You

Dixie-Elixirs-Hemp-OilThe media is in a buzz about Cannabidiol (CBD), the naturally occurring constituent found in both industrial hemp and marijuana, ever since CNN Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta publicly changed his stance on the health benefits of medical marijuana.

Why the buzz about CBD? In the early 80’s the medical and science communities were doing research on marijuana to better understand the psychotropic effects of THC on the human body. This research lead to the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System – the most significant neurotransmitter system regulating our immune system as well as basic functions of the human body such as eating, sleeping, memory and our ability to relax. And CBD has a powerful impact on this system.

How can CBD help you?

Tip #1: Use CBD from industrial hemp to reduce everyday pain and anxiety. You can find CBD products at many stores or purchase it online (check out Dixie Botanicals, one of our favorites) as many CBD products are completely legal and are considered a dietary supplements by the FDA. CBD has numerous health and wellness benefits and can be used by healthy people to balance and regulate their internal systems and by those dealing with health issues to significantly improve their health concerns.

Tip #2: Use CBD before THC to prime the receptor sites in the brain. A full dropper of Dixie Botanicals Hemp Oil CBD Dew Drops before a smoking session will offer the user a higher more enjoyable experience.

Tip #3: Did that infused brownie push you over the edge of comfort? Use CBD after THC to soften THC’s effects. CBD is great to have on hand if you have consumed too much marijuana of any kind.

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