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Patient Medicine Review: Headband n’ Hash

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Today, I had the luxury of sampling Headband Marijuana, Platinum Kush Marijuana, Sweet Tooth Marijuana and a little hashish.

Marijuana is becoming increasingly expensive, so it’s important that good medicine is highlighted when it is found. If you would like to publish your review or to mention a caregiver / patient network with great meds, just contact us via our Contact Form in footer of this website. .

There truly is no sweeter smell than that of a little hashish roasting on top of fresh greens. Any chance I have to get a hold of hashish, I make sure to pick up a gram or two (avg. in Phx is about $25/gram donations depending on type). It’s for THOSE days…you know, when marijuana just doesn’t seem to get you high medicated enough. The “extra strength days,” as I like to call them.

Headband Review

The Headband passed the spring-finger check. Basically, we want it a little spongey when pressed. This tells me it was cured nice. This Headband was nice and bushy and spongey. Smells like a sour pine tree and the taste finishes with a lemon kick. I love it. Rocked my world. Thumbs up here!!!

Platinum Kush Review

The PK was the greenest of the bunch and a little more dry then I like it. Possibly cured too long but it’s the smell that will knock you over. It reminds me of Hawaiian Ice. Stinky; but also finishes with a sting on the tip of your mouth. It is very powerful shit meds, and serves as a great indica for those looking for an indica strain high locally in Phoenix. My thumb and index finger smell super stinky just from touching it for two seconds. Really interesting bud here. Great one to have on demand.


Saved the best for last. Sweet Tooth. Never heard of it. Liked the name, but figured it was a sub-par strain based on the name. I don’t know. I just thought of ice cream trucks and little kids and innocent stuff. Turns out, Sweet Tooth has a 22% THC level. Quite high actually. Very high.


It was now 3:12pm. I smoked a lot of weed to get here and that is when the Hashish came out. I cannot remember what happens after this. Sorry.

Finding quality Hashish is not always easy from your local Phoenix Tucson Flagstaff caregiver or patient network. Anyone that has extra medicine or hashish can post in the classifieds Free. Enjoy!

Peace. Love.
Dan –

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