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Dixie Elixirs’ Krispy Kraken Chocolate Bar

Dixie Elixirs Crispy Kraken Chocolate Bar

Would you love a “smooth & delectable treat for your taste buds,” that also happens to be marijuana-infused? We thought so!

Dixie Elixirs’ Krispy Kraken chocolate bar is amazing. The mixture of crispy rice and 34% cacao milk chocolate makes for a delectable treat – with benefits: The Kraken comes with THC. The two THC potentcies available are 84mg and 180mg.

The Kraken tastes like a high-end chocolate bar that any chocolate connoisseur would be delighted to consume. Within 60 minutes, the Kraken’s THC begin to take effect and can provide up to a few hours of a calming body high that will have you chillin’ and singin’ Bob Marley tunes.

As always, Dixie Elixirs has patients in mind: The Kraken breaks into 7mg pieces to provide reliable and optimal dosing, and it has a unique child-proof package.

This yummy chocolate bar will be loved by anyone lucky enough to try it! Contact your local dispensary to see if they carry Dixie Elixirs’ chocolate bars.

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