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Flourish’s S’mores

Flourish Cannabis Smores
The most unique edible experience currently on the market comes from Flourish with their THC-infused s’mores!

The medicated graham cracker sandwiches have a layer of chocolate ganache and fluffy marshmallow, making them a distinctly American favorite.

If you’re enjoying these S’mores but don’t have a microwave or campfire handy, simply use your dab torch to achieve the ideal “toastiness” and gooey goodness.

Flourish’s S’mores have revolutionized the medical marijuana edibles market and are driving creativity in the infused edibles world.

S’mores are sold at many Arizona dispensaries in single 100 mg and 4-packs of 100 mg as well as single 40 mg and 4-packs of 40 mg.

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