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Why Do You Think Cannabis Is Really Illegal?

Why Do You Think Cannabis Is Really Illegal?

I hate to sound serious, even for a minute, but sometimes when I smoke down on some kind bud my brain seems to get hyper-primed. It’s no wonder great artists like Brian Wilson of the beach boys and scientists like Carl Sagan used cannabis.
So I hope you won’t mind if I just rant a little today . . .
Have you ever wondered why it is okay for the Lamestream media to push synthetic psychotropic drugs for made-up diseases on television, but it’s still illegal to advertise all the medical benefits of cannabis?
Most of us old tokers know even the US Constitution was written on hemp paper, but did you know if wasn’t for the fact that the first American settlers boycotted making hemp rope and sails for the British, we would’ve never kicked their red butts off our shores?
I’m pissed off and maybe you should be too, because it seems to me that “hemponomics” would save this country once again. After decades having anti-pot BS crammed down our throats, here we are with hardly any decent jobs (: except mine 🙂 and the dollar just seems to keep going down with the whole ship of fools.
You’d think if anyone really gave a damn, we’d be creating tons of jobs making everything we need out of weed. Cannabis is the most useful plant of this planet and we’re paying a high price for letting the cronies, corporations and banksters tell us what we can or can’t do.
Hey this is America Baby!
I just want to get this off my chest, because if you’re not pissed off, it’s because you’re not tuning in to the big picture here. I think it’s time we get serious about being stoned, because like Bob Dylan says, “Everyone must get stoned!”
FACT: Big Pharma kills more than 120,000 Americans each year with properly prescribed and administered drugs, costing us more than $90 billion a year in medical debt.
The only reason they see cannabis as the enemy is because of greed and old money. You see, cannabis isn’t patentable. You can’t patent Mama Nature, so they figure there’s no money in it for them, but I know, they just don’t want the 1% to get rich . . . that scares the hell out of them.
Cannabis cures many health problems people are unnecessarily suffering from right now and isn’t it ironic that recently we proved cannabis even cures cancer?
Friends, for every new dollar made, there’s a thousand fools appointed to protect the old money and that’s the real problem, because cannabis is “The Answer.”
The Cannabis Revolution threatens all the old, filthy, fake money mongers. I say fake because it’s all based on imaginary debt anyway.
Real money is based on real things like industrial goods, paper, building materials, foods, industrial products, fuel, personal care products, consumer goods, medicine, animal feed and agricultural products, to name a few and legalized cannabis or hemp, will provide all these goods and services.
Let me ask you a question, if you could print all the paper money in the world, how could you ever end up in debt?
I’m telling you, “The Man” is keeping us all down.
This BS has got to end now. I for one won’t have it anymore. There’s no good reason for all the BS politics and false flag lies and I believe more people like you and I are waking up to the scam. Together we are unstoppable, and they know it!
Beware of multinational corporations that are so big they can buy out the people we (“the People”) hired to do what the hell we want and serve the best interest of our country, including the soil, water and air that sustains us all.
Big Corps like Cargill, ConAgra Foods, Exxon, BASF, Monsanto, Georgia Pacific, Dow, Sherman Williams, DuPont, Koch, Merck, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson, Anheuser-Busch, Nestle, Phillip Morris and more, are all throwing truck loads of money at congress to keep cannabis in the closet.
Clearly anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see . . . the kettle is calling the pot black (pun intended). This is not just a battle to have freedom legal again, this is WWIII, the battle for the mind.
Again, I feel I must apologize, good weed like opens my pineal gland or something, it expands my mind and makes me want to crack the code, and bust out of the simulacra and simulation of “The Matrix” that enslaves us all.
Personally, I’ve always believed cannabis is “the red pill.”
So if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, encourage my dissent by subscribing and tell my editor to keep me connected and hyper-primed. In other words, keep those kind donations of hybrid buds coming in to be reviewed. BTW feel free to email me for my mobile P.O. Box.

Take the highway,

The Botanical Guru

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