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Hemp Information

Hemp is the plant that marijuana grows on. Hemp is the apple tree, while marijuana is the apple.

When marijuana is grown for fiber, food or fodder for livestock, it is referred to as hemp. About 70% of the Cannabis plant is made up of a woody inner core called the “hurd.” The “hurd” is THC free, so it won’t give you a buzz, and is currently being used in housing construction.

The silica mineral drawn up from the soil by the hemp plant combines with unslaked lime to form a chemical bond similar to concrete, being both fire and water proof. Hemp is also considered a super food for humans and animals. The hemp seed provides a complete protein and are rich with lanolin and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), like linoleic acid, making it a popular health food. Hemps’ fiber is naturally strong, durable and unaffected by water.

Early American colonists produced some of the finest sails and rope for merchant and passenger vessels ever created. Hemp fiber also makes everything from sack cloth, to carpet and a cloth as fine as silk. Hemp can also be used to make a superior quality and cost effective fuel or biodiesel.

Hemp oil is also one of the best refined oils for lubrication on the planet. Many leading scientists, statesmen and economists agree, “hemponomics” could financially save America’s collapsing economy and help keep the US with its superpower status, once hemp gets fully legalized.

~ The Botanical Guru

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