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RAW Hemp Rolling Papers Review

Hemp is an amazingly useful plant. It is sometimes referred to as the “wonder plant.” Imagine smoking your favorite herb (or tobacco), with the smooth touch of raw hemp papers, all while saving your lungs and being ecologically sound.

Hemp saves trees and provides a superior smoking experience without the harsh acid taste and chemical residue found in most white papers. For every acre of hemp grown to produce raw, natural, unrefined hemp rolling papers, more than 4 acres of trees are saved for the future.

Improve our environment and your smoking experience with these all natural, additive free, 100% vegan and organic, RAW hemp fiber rolling papers that are made with natural hemp-based gum. You will receive 33 light, clean and smooth tasting tree-free leaves per pack. A wholesale box contains 25 packs, which is often a best seller, especially for your medicinal smokers and purists.

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