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WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Weed Wipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Make your used bong, pipe, and vaporizer look like new again with WeedWipes!

WeedWipes are a 100% natural, plant-based cleaning solution that organically cleans resin from bongs, pipes and vaporizers. Unlike isopropyl alcohol, the most common paraphernalia cleaning solution in the world, WeedWipes are non-toxic to humans and the environment!

We decided to clean a frequently-used bong with WeedWipes. We found that after following WeedWipes’ provided cleaning instructions, – rinse, apply the WeedWipes cleansing solution, scrub with the WeedWipes brush, rinse – our bong looked brand new. For pieces with heavy residue, simply heat the WeedWipes solution for 15 seconds in a microwave and add coarse salt. Then brush and rinse.

The WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit includes a 2 oz. WeedWipes cleaner, two vape brushes, a pipe brush, a double-ended bong brush and a Canna Mags (magnetic cleaning wand for hard to reach areas).

Try the WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit today!

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