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Arizona Proposition 203 Medical Marijuana Act

Arizona Proposition 203 Medical Marijuana Act

Nov. 1, 2010 – (Phoenix, AZ)

Tomorrow’s the big day. Vote on 203. Yes on 203. The Arizona Proposition 203 Medical Marijuana Act is a milestone in a lot of ways for Arizona.

First, Prop. 203 if approved will make Arizona one of the few states that approves the use of Medicinal Marijuana prescriptions within state boundaries. That does not mean anyone can purchase it, it means referring doctors will be prescribing marijuana to certain patients that have chronic severe pain or a variety of pre-approved medical conditions, that can benefit from inhaling cannabis. The sales will be in a controlled state, taxed by Arizona – contributing funds to a dismal fiscal year for practically every state. Schools, Police, Business and practically every side of the Arizona economy stands to benefit.

It has been ascertained to possibly reduce Prison populations and even reduce gang violence within the streets of Phoenix, Tucson and many other large urban cities of Arizona. Dispensaries, doctors, and most importantly Government assistance and aknowledgment are positives to build on. Make no mistake, nothing has yet to be determined and the final Proposition if goes through wont be available til Feb 2011 when the law goes live.

However, following in California’s already proven track record shadow, Arizona will make adjustments to their own Prop and truly make a real legal marijuana law. That’s more than just a step in the right direction. That is history. See ya in line tomorrow. God bless.

– Senior Bernard

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