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How to Use Marijuana

Learn How to Use Marijuana

Marijuana can be used (consumed) in a few ways. You can smoke, eat or drink (edibles), or vaporize marijuana. Smoking marijuana is the most prevalent method of consuming marijuana. Edibles and vaporizing are new and healthier alternatives to smoking marijuana. And due to high demand, dispensaries are beginning to sell many edibles and vaporizers as this new market emerges.

Smoking Marijuana

The most common method for consuming marijuana is smoking. Marijuana can be smoked via a pipe, bong (water pipe), or rolled with papers into a joint or blunt. Smoking is how civilizations have consumed marijuana for thousands of years. It is a basic and effective approach to using marijuana. Smoking marijuana provides instant effects that usually last for 1 – 3 hours, depending on a person’s tolerance and the potency of the marijuana.

Edibles: Eating or Drinking Marijuana

Edibles are foods and drinks, such as cookies, brownies, candies, teas, and sodas, infused with marijuana. High-quality marijuana edibles can provide potent and long-lasting effects. Each person’s tolerance to an edible varies, but in general, an edible’s effects will become noticeable within 20 – 40 minutes of consumption. The effects from an edible gradually increase as the body digests the edible, and depending on the potency of the edible, its effects can last from 2 – 6 hours. Edibles usually provide more physical and relaxing effects, as opposed to smoking marijuana, which has an instant and usually more cognitive effect.

Vaporizing Marijuana

A vaporizer is an apparatuses designed to heat cannabinoids, marijuana’s medicinally beneficial substances, while avoiding the harmful toxins produced from combusting (smoking) marijuana. Vaporizers heat marijuana to around 338°F, just below the point of combustion, which is where smoke is produced. At this temperature, THC, CBD, and other medicinally beneficial cannabinoids are emitted with minimal to no carcinogenic tars or combustion byproducts. Unlike with smoking marijuana, vaporized marijuana usually has minimal to no smell, allowing people to discreetly consume their marijuana.

Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrated versions of marijuana such as oils, dabs (butane hash oil or BHO), waxes, hash, and kief are created from extracting marijuana’s cannabinoids into a concentrated product. Concentrates are often very potent. Marijuana concentrates can be smoked or vaporized. Many vaporizers have adapters that allow for oils and waxes to be vaporized. Currently, marijuana concentrates are illegal in Arizona.

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