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4 Awesome Technology Innovations for Marijuana


“Stoner innovation” is something that has been laughed at and appreciated simultaneously since before the days of Cheech & Chong. Building a “spoof” out of a toilet paper tube to mask smoke smells, coming up with on-the-go devices for smoking, and innovating a huge part of the glass blowing sector, are just a few of the examples of how crafty and creative stoners can be. Now that the market is legal, there are a whole bunch of new ways that entrepreneurs are cashing in on the growing market that is stoner technology. Here are a few of those great innovations:

The Electronic Nail

Those with high tolerances (and those in need of heavy doses of medication) love dabbing concentrates – it’s a great way to get really high (or medicated), really fast, and it’s cleaner and healthier than smoking a bunch of herb. However, there is one major downside to dabbing. Using a blowtorch to heat up your nail for a dab can look downright trashy, calling to mind heavier drug use, and it’s also dangerous to carry them around, and a real pain to stay stocked up on butane and make sure your torch is in working order. Luckily, developers and technology innovators are already on the cutting edge of stoner technology, and are working on an electronic nail that heats up by electrical charge, instead of using a blowtorch. Some models will have the ability to synch with iPhones and Androids, so that your phone will let you know when the nail is hot enough and what temperature it is, the same way it lets you know the charge it holds. This is going to totally revolutionize dabbing, making it sleek, sexy, and easy to do on the go.

Vape Pens

Possibly the handiest on-the-go solution for stoners are the vape pen and their transferable cartridges which make it so easy to consume discreetly on the go. For added convenience, most of the vape brands are now compatible with each-other, so you can try new brands, and most now label their products as individual strains instead of just as indicas or sativas.


Thanks to the marijuana industry, regulations and lab testing is often required and demanded by consumers. Marijuana is no longer a guessing game when it comes to the dose you are taking. Even carefully baked brownies at home can come out with some being super-strong and others barely laced, due to distribution of the butter. Now, you can buy marijuana that comes labeled with THC potency, so that you know exactly how much THC you are consuming. This takes the guesswork out of marijuana, and means that you can consume without fear of the high being too strong.

Joint Rollers

Everyone has that friend who can just magically roll an awesome joint on the first try – but we can’t all be that friend. For many, rolling a joint is downright tricky, which is where joint rolling machines come in. Simply insert your rolling paper and then marijuana, and the device does the rest. This is ideal for when you have to roll a joint on the go, or for when you want to impress your friends by bringing that perfect joint to the party.


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