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6 Awesome Marijuana Strains That Make Everything Funnier

Marijuana Laugh

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Luckily, choosing the appropriate marijuana strain can greatly help increase laughter. We’ve picked out six awesome marijuana strains to make your day a lot funnier.

Laughing Buddha

Hence the name, Laughing Buddha is a sativa that helps make life feel less serious. It helps you forget about the day’s troubles while inducing happiness and boosting energy and uplifting the spirit.

Grab a few friends and enjoy the elation this strain brings to the table.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze may be a stinky hybrid strain, but it’s hard to deny the laughter of the smallest things after indulging it. Ghost Train Haze is a heavy hitter, so consume accordingly.

Some explain Ghost Train Haze’s high as being almost psychedelic. The effects come on strong and are mostly cerebral.

Purple Elephant

After a little Purple Elephant, just trying to say the strain’s name might become difficult. This is an indica strain that is great for enjoying classic stoner movies and adult cartoons.

Cheek soreness can be a side effect because the strain can fill you with unstoppable laughter.

Church OG

Church OG surely will take you to a church of laughter. Grab some friends because this strain is best enjoyed with a group. This strain packs a super heavy punch. You’ll need a good variety of munchies to go along with the long-lasting giggles it produces.

Mango Kush

For those that are less than social, you won’t have a choice after consuming some Mango Kush. It’ll make you the new social butterfly in your circle of friends. Conversations become interesting and can take a quick turn once the euphoria takes over. Conversations could last for hours and include serious fits of intense laughter that leave your stomach sore.

Deadhead OG

Have you ever laughed so hard you felt dead from exhaustion the next day? If not, then you need to try Deadhead OG. When you’re run down from stress, pick up some Deadhead OG, some snacks, and invite some friends over. You’ll have just enough energy to melt the stress away and laugh for hours.

Contact your local dispensary to see if they carry any of these laughter-inducing and stress-relieving marijuana strains.


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