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6 Marijuana-Themed Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Xmas Marijuana

What do you buy for a marijuana lover or medical marijuana patient for Christmas? Something marijuana-themed, of course! Get creative and use several items to create a themed stocking or gift basket. Everything suggested can be purchased online without the need of a medical marijuana card.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Sometimes you need a way to consume marijuana discreetly, and that’s when vaporizers are ideal. When using a dry herb vaporizer, the flower is heated just enough to release the cannabinoids without emitting any, or very much, marijuana odor.

Another benefit of dry herb vaporizers is that the flower is still usable afterwards. Since the flower itself isn’t burned in the process, it can be used in infusions, cooking applications, in a pipe or even coated in wax or kief for a little extra kick.

One of the highest rated portable dry herb vaporizers is the PAX 3, which is designed to be durable, easy to use and small enough to fit into pockets and small clutch-type purses. It heats quickly and also cools down quickly.

Topical CBD Rubs

Aches and pains don’t always give warning and work isn’t always the best place to medicate. If a friend or loved one has arthritis, other pain conditions or gets tense muscles throughout the day, give them an option that won’t make them high at work: CBD topicals. These creams can help reduce inflammation, kill pain and relax muscles, so even stress levels go down with less discomfort.

Don’t Forget the Grinder

Grinders are an important accessory for marijuana flower lovers. They are rather inexpensive, even for high-quality metal grinders. Choose a three or four tier option to ensure that there is a kief catcher. Kief is great for sprinkling on top of a bowl, into a joint or for making dusted nugs, or “moon rocks.”

Back-up Vape Pen Battery

The marijuana industry generally uses a very simple vape pen battery: a 510-threaded battery that charges via USB connectivity. These are lightweight, extremely portable and can be used with almost any brand of marijuana vape pen cartridge. The cartridge and battery sizes are the same, but some manufacturers’ products tend to work better with their own items.

Assorted Rolling Papers

Rolling papers can be purchased at nearly every smoke shop, vape shop, gas station, and dispensary.

RAW is one of the most well-known names in rolling papers in the world. Cones are gaining popularity in younger generations that may not have much experience rolling a joint just from a small rolling paper. Cones provide stability and are also helpful for elder marijuana users that may have some trouble with their hands. Consider including a few packages of cones with your marijuana-themed gift.

Massage Oil

Consider a CBD massage oil, something that anyone can use without fear of failing a drug test. CBD helps relax muscles and the scent of the oil may also help relax the mind. Some massage oils include essential oils that also help with pain, muscle tension, stress or even some that have aphrodisiac properties.

Marijuana-themed massage oils don’t have to be just for couples, a single person can easily use it on their own neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

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