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7 Clever Ways of Adding CBD Oil into Your Cuisine


For some, CBD oil may have an unpleasant taste. So when you still want to incorporate CBD into your daily regimen, you can get creative and put it in your food. CBD can be a part of any meal or snack and incorporates into recipes rather well.

Begin with a high-quality full spectrum oil and incorporate the manufacturer’s suggested dose into your serving, or enough for each serving needed for those indulging.

Below are some foods to add CBD oil to.


Smoothies don’t typically call for oil, but if you emulsify the CBD oil with Greek yogurt, there’s no separation. A full dropper of CBD oil should be added when the yogurt component is added. It blends better with the fat in the yogurt. Incorporate a banana or peanut butter to help maintain the consistency of the smoothie.

A little fresh mint will help the flavor of the CBD oil incorporate with the other flavors better.

Addition to Coffee

Several coffee shops across the country are offering CBD-infused coffee drinks. These are easy to make at home. Add the CBD oil mid-pour or mid-brew to help it incorporate better. Stir it will and make sure to drink the coffee while it’s still hot.

If a cold coffee drink is preferred, consider using a flavor syrup and adding the dropper of CBD oil to that first before blending it into the coffee. It can be difficult to blend the oil with cold coffee and not have separation.


Vinaigrettes are simple to make; they’re mainly oil, vinegar, an emulsifier and additional flavor elements. Simply add some CBD oil. It is ideal to add fresh herbs to vinaigrette to help incorporate the flavor of the CBD oil.

Dijon mustard and whole grain mustard are great options for emulsifiers that work great with CBD oil.


Let CBD oil soak into your protein or vegetables while adding flavor at the same time. You can create a liquid-based marinade or a paste to incorporate flavor. Use a single dropper or two in your marinade and omit some of the oil you’d typically use. Fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, tarragon and oregano pair well with the natural flavor of CBD for proteins like chicken, seafood, pork and beef.

Ice Cream Topping

It’s really easy to incorporate CBD oil into ice cream toppings. That magically hardening chocolate sauce is beyond simple to make – it’s just coconut oil and melted chocolate. You only need three tablespoons of coconut oil per cup of chocolate, so replace about half of coconut oil with CBD oil instead.

Do the same with peanut butter or melted jams for fruit toppings. Flavored melts like cherry to make cherry dip, butterscotch, caramel or strawberry also work.

Finishing Oil

When you make a fancy pasta, whole grain salad or grilled protein, consider incorporating CBD oil into your finishing oil. You’ll need a good quality olive oil (about ¼ cup) and a dropper or two of CBD oil, plus fresh herbs. Blend these together to create a flavorful finishing oil.

Some options include:

  • Chili oil
  • Chimichurri
  • Basil oil
  • Grilled scallion oil
  • Roasted garlic oil
  • Infused herb oil

Add just a little salt and pepper to enrich the flavor before serving, but make sure to taste the combination first to make sure the seasoning is balanced.

Enhanced Homemade Pasta

Most good homemade pasta recipes call for olive oil. Replace about ¼ of the olive oil with CBD oil. Also consider incorporating herb puree to enhance the flavor. Surprisingly, the CBD oil does not change the texture or consistency of the pasta dough.

Tip: You can also do this with homemade pizza dough, pastry or bread recipes that call for olive oil or any other type of oil.


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