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8 Halloween-Themed Marijuana Strains to Try This Week

Halloween Weed Strains

Whether you need to withstand the spooky meddling of ghosts and goblins in the neighborhood or just want to enhance your Halloween, these 8 Halloween-themed marijuana strains are perfect for the spooky holiday.

  1. Frankenstein: A very rare, extremely potent indica that is not for the novice user. Experienced marijuana users may even be frightened by the intense effects!
  2. Ghost Train Haze: A skunky hybrid that may leave your head in the clouds.
  3. The Blood: A spooky name with a positive meaning. This sativa is said to bless the cultivator with a rewarding harvest. The buds are strewn with red “veins” in the stems and leaves. Some say that a “red sap” runs from them.
  4. Killer Queen: A face-numbing hybrid with a fruity flavor. Ideal for daytime Halloween preparation to boost energy and leave you deep in thought.
  5. Jack the Ripper: A powerful sativa often testing over 20% THC. Visual perceptions can be enhanced. This is not a strain for the novice user as disorientation can be experienced in larger doses.
  6. Ecto-Cooler: A rare hybrid named after a popular movie series, The Ghostbusters. Gorilla Biscuit and California Orange were crossbred to make this strain that tastes like a glass of orange juice that has been tainted with gasoline and pine cleaner. Ideal for Halloween celebrations when energy is desired.
  7. Zombie Kush: Before settling in to watch your favorite horror movie, take a few hits of Zombie Kush. Microdose this indica to improve your focus on the movie. Treats will be needed.
  8. Voodoo: The stress of having tricks played on you by little trick-or-treaters will melt away. Mellow out with Voodoo and enjoy Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


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