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8 Unique Marijuana Strains That Increase Sexual Pleasure

Marijuana Sex

The effects of different drugs can have different effects on the body – including libido and sexual gratification.

A Psychology Today poll of its readers regarding how using marijuana changed their sex lives found that 67-percent of responders said marijuana use enhanced their sexual experiences, according to NY Daily News.  Only 12-percent said that “marijuana destroys sex.”

One poll responder described their experiences: “Marijuana engulfs me in sex foam. I’m just pure sex on that stuff. It’s great. I could never feel that way sober or drunk.”

About 20-percent of responders said that “Marijuana’s sexual effects depend on the dose, strain and smoker’s mood.” Every marijuana strain produces different effects and everyone responds differently to every strain, so users must experiment with strains till desired effects are found.

These 8 strains can greatly enhance sexual experience:

  • Blueberry Haze: a lovely hybrid that makes the whole body tingle and increases sensitivity to touch.
  • Green Love Potion: an indica-dominant strain with a relaxing body high and increased feelings of intimacy.
  • Key Lime Pie: a happy hybrid strain that increases sensitivity to touch.
  • Gobbilygoo: an indica-dominant strain with fast-acting stimulating and soothing effects.
  • K-Train: an indica-dominant strain ideal for depression, pain and is said to be an aphrodisiac.
  • Hawaiian Diesel:  a sativa that will provide feelings of happiness and energy for a hot and heavy session with your lover.
  • Paris XXX:  a heavy hitting indica-dominant strain inducing arousal and energy.
  • Aloha: increases intimacy with its refreshing, creative sativa effects.

A topical product by Foria can “enhance female pleasure.” It’s created from coconut oil and purified marijuana oil.

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