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A Synopsis of the Primary Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrate is obtained by extracting only the pure THC and/or CBD from marijuana. The most common use for marijuana oil is for making edibles and vaping solutions. Some concentrates are stickier and harder to work with than others, which make a great consistency for dabbing.


Wax is one of the stickiest concentrates made and is used for dabbing. Decarboxylated THC is made from reducing oil to a thick, sap-like consistency. Don’t attempt to get wax from the container to your rig with your fingers; you need a good dabber to handle that part.


Crumble is one of the hardest concentrates to work with. It’s super dry and needs to be warmed in your fingers before you try to use it. It’s the same main composition of budder and wax but it’s broken down more to create the crumble-like texture.

Tip: Leave some residue on your dabber to help the crumble stick to it better.


Shatter is a hard concentrate that simulates the look of stained glass. Shatter needs to be stored away from direct sunlight. The container needs to be kept tightly closed. Keep in mind that shatter will stick to anything it touches. A little bit goes a long way and keeps you comfortably medicated for an extended period of time.


Marijuana oil resembles olive oil. It is often used in syringe form for sublingual use. It is also used for edibles and vape cartridge liquids. Over time, oil will harden and/or evaporate. It is one of the most potent forms of marijuana as many oils measure 70%-90%THC.


The consistency of budder is very similar to peanut butter. It can get messy. It’s made from whipping marijuana oil sap into a smooth budder product. To dab with budder, refrigerate it for a bit or it’s likely to just fall off of your glass pin and make a mess.

Closing Thoughts

It is important to know that marijuana concentrates are extremely potent. Start with small doses until you determine how you handle the different forms of concentrates and their potency. Dabbing wax forms of concentrates will likely leave you hacking up a lung if you take too big of a hit, but you’re medicated state will last a couple of hours.

Marijuana Oils

Contact your local dispensary to learn more about the concentrates they sell.


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