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British Government to Examine Relaxing Its Marijuana Laws

UK Marijuana

The British government has confirmed that it will review marijuana for medical use. Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Sajid David, voiced that marijuana-based medications should be looked at further. David acknowledged that the country’s current position on marijuana isn’t working.

A young boy suffering from a rare form of epilepsy will received a license to use medical marijuana per the Home Secretary, CNBC reports. Recreational marijuana will not be an option. The UK is solely focusing on moving toward medical marijuana legalization at this point.

David said, “It is not satisfactory for the parents, it is not satisfactory for the doctor and it is not satisfactory for me.”

Possession of marijuana has a current penalty of up to 5-years in prison. If a confiscation is deemed to have been for supply and production purposes, a person can be jailed for up to 14-years.

Discussions regarding medical marijuana law reform in the UK are expected to begin in the very near future and may be treated with urgency due to the recent comments from the Home Secretary.


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