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Cannabis Prices in Canada Vary by up to 3 Times

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The cost of marijuana concentrates varies greatly depending on which Canadian province it’s purchased in. A person purchasing a concentrate in one province might pay up to 3 times as much for that same product in a different province.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan have different regulations where the province isn’t the wholesaler, which helps keep pricing affordable for marijuana users, CBC reported. A recent analysis of 36 identical products sold in both British Columbia and Ontario showed that 25 of those products cost much more in Ontario.

Ontario seems to be charging about 32.5% more for the same products that are sold in British Columbia. For example, a 10 mg Softgels sells in Ontario for $76.10, for $54.99 in Nova Scotia, for $34.99 in Prince Edward Island and for $29.99 in Newfoundland.

The big differences in price is causing some Canadians to ration their doses or buy from the black market.

Rishi Malkani said, “Each of the provincial wholesalers negotiates separate agreements with the producers, so depending on what [the provincial government] thought in terms of how much they should buy, how much their demand is going to be, they’re going to be able to negotiate different kinds of discounts.”

Smaller provinces are likely to purchase less concentrates due to lower populations, which could hurt the negotiating process causing the province to have to purchase less at a higher price. Several factors come into play including transportation costs and taxes.

The Canadian government may have to step in and help regulate the massive price differences to help curb the black market.



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