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Colorado Bill Will Allow Marijuana ‘Tasting Rooms’ Inside Dispensaries

Marijuana Tasting

Colorado’s Legislature has passed a bill to allow marijuana dispensaries to setup ‘tasting rooms.’ Governor Hickenlooper’s signature is now required to make the legislation into law. Upon his signature, consumers will be able to sample marijuana products using electronic devices in dedicated spaces at participating Colorado dispensaries.

Those supporting the legislation compare it to beer tasting rooms, and wonder why marijuana users can’t have the same opportunity, according to KDVR Fox 31 News.

The American Cancer Society Action Network is urging Governor Hickenlooper to veto the legislation. Their opposition is “because it exposes people to dangerous secondhand marijuana smoke including e-cigarette aerosol.”

Marijuana user Anne Ho said, “It’s very important to be able to taste. The most important thing is flavor obviously and a lot of people are missing out on that because there are no safe places in Denver.”


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