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Ditanium Vapor Creates the Ultimate All-in-One Vaporizer and Enail Device

Ditanium Vapor

Vaporizing refers to the process of heating cannabis to a point below combustion temperature to extract the oils and active compounds from the plant. Because the cannabis does not ever ignite, more can be inhaled by the user without the waste, and harmful tars associated with smoking. Vaporizing is generally regarded as far less harmful than smoking.

Portable vaporizers have become very popular with the invention of e-cigarette atomizers. The pen style vaporizer works by placing cannabis or extracts in a chamber right on small heat source. There is not enough air for convection vaporizing, so these units work by small-scale heat conduction.  Unfortunately, the temperature control is not very good on these devices and they can overcook cannabis. If you have ever used a pen you know that they can taste burnt, and because the user inhales so close to the heat source, they can create throat and respiratory irritation. Many dispensaries offer vapor pens with pre-filled cartridges. They typically contain more media like propylene glycol and glycerin than actual cannabis extract making them “smoke” a lot but giving minimal effect. Users end up spending a lot of money purchasing non-cannabis products the use for the cartridges. Portability is the main advantage of these units and many clog and break with repeated use.

Dabbing refers to the process of vaporizing cannabis extracts with a heated nail (glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz). The process has become very popular with recent advances in BHO (butane hash oil), CO2 extractions producing wax and shatter. The main issue with dabbing has been the necessary use of bongs, and blowtorches. A blowtorch is used to heat a nail attached to a bong or water device. Many do not own bongs, and are put off by the use of torch. Until recently, a vapor pen or blow torch/bong were your only real options. Enails, were developed to create an electric source of heat, instead of using a blow torch. They still require a bong or water device, and cannot be used as stand-alone units. They also are extremely dangerous and can create property damage instantly if accidentally misused, or knocked over.  Enails only work with concentrates and cannot vaporizer flower.

Ditanium Vapor, a USA hardwood vaporizer manufacturer, has developed an All-in-one Vaporizer and Enail! Utilizing an improved whip-vaporizer design, Ditanium Vaporizer Enails have a patent pending grade 2 titanium heater cover that allows the user to dab off the top off the unit or use the hand-piece to vaporizer flower. Cannabis connoisseurs can easily switch back and forth from flower to extracts and even consume both at the same time by utilizing the low-temp carb cap! No other unit on the market provides this functionality or performance. Ditanium Vaporizer Enails feature a mouthpiece/14mm ground glass joint connector that allows for use as a stand-alone unit, or for attachment to any bong or water device. If you have never tried cannabis vapor through a bong, you really should! If the blowtorch has kept you away from true dabbing, this innovative product will eliminate your concerns. Adjustable temperature control, optional quick screen change hand-pieces, and low temp carb-caps or just a few of the accessory options. Pens tend to clog and break and their portability come with a reduced quality of vapor.

If you are searching for a quality, lifetime warrantied, American marijuana vaporizer enail, check out (Take $25 off with code AZMJ$25).

Ditanium Vaporizer

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