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DOJ Forms Mysterious Subcommittee to Review Federal Marijuana Policy

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The U.S. Department of Justice will be reviewing the federal marijuana policy in the near future. They’re keeping the review process tightly under wraps. So far, none of the key players are known.

What is known is that recommendations about the DOJ’s marijuana policies are to be issued by July 27, according to A larger crime-reduction taskforce is conducting the review. That subcommittee was revealed in April with other committees conducting various other policy reviews.

The marijuana subcommittee’s leader is Michael Murray. He is the counsel for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The secretive nature of the department has many wondering what the outcome of the federal marijuana policy debate will be. Some fear that it may cause detrimental harm or extinction of a thriving industry.

The department has refused to comment on other members or outside entities associated with the policy review.

Taylor West, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, said, “It’s difficult to ascertain any clear information about the subcommittee and how they’re working.”

West commented that the National Cannabis Industry Association is working on building relationships with Congressmen and women. He pointed out recent poll results showing 73% supporting state’s rights when it comes to marijuana.

Marijuana Policy Project has not had contact with the subcommittee.

U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher from California requested a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Sessions about marijuana policy reform. Sessions refused.

West also said, “Without knowing much about the approach the subcommittee is taking, it’s hard to say whether we’d expect them to reach out. So far, [Sessions’] comments have not indicated a lot of willingness to work together toward common ground.”

As far as it is known, the DEA doesn’t have any involvement in the subcommittee. Acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg divulged that he is not involved. He also commented that he is unaware of any subordinate inclusion.

Recent polls show that 60% of Americans support legalized marijuana. Part of President Trump’s campaign disclosed his favoring of states’ rights; Meanwhile, AG Sessions is adamantly against marijuana reform.


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