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Judge Allows Canadian to Possess Up to 2.2 Lbs of Medical Marijuana


The Canadian Federal Court has granted a medical marijuana patient permission to possess up to 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana at a time. The patient, Allan Harris, has a prescription allowing him to use up to 100 grams a day.

Due to the cap set by Canadian regulators, Harris incurred additional shipping fees for having to place more orders for smaller amounts, according to CBC News. Justice Henry Brown agreed that Harris’ “rights had been infringed.”  The amount of medical marijuana that Harris uses inhibited his ability to be mobile as he could only carry a day and a half supply with him.

Justice Brown said, “In effect, Harris is under a form of home arrest brought about solely because of the inadequately low cumulative total possession limit manifesting itself in the circumstances of his particular case. With respect, this is an injustice.”

Harris has been given an exemption and is now permitted to carry a 10-day supply with him at any time. This is where the kilogram figure comes into play since he uses 100 grams a day.

Justice Brown says that the amount of medical marijuana that Mr. Harris uses is up to his medical doctors, not the court.

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