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Millennials Are Ditching Cheap Marijuana for Craft Strains


As marijuana legalization spreads around the world, it appears that Millennials are gravitating toward craft marijuana strains. Of course, there will always be those that prefer the cheaper strains, but high-quality strains are what consumers are now demanding. Strains considered to be “mass market” strains are becoming less and less desirable.

It is speculated that some marijuana strains may only be available or become synonymous with certain areas of the world due to the quality of that specific strain, the Daily Star reported.

“We’re already seeing a connoisseur market emerging in the (U.S.) marijuana industry – consumers are often interested in the characteristics of different cannabis strains, as well as where and how those strains were grown,” said marijuana writer Ryan Sota. “Millennials will surely help drive up the demand for artisanal marijuana, but I think it’s likely that more mature consumers will appreciate high-quality product as well.”

Just like with the evolution from light beer to craft beer, marijuana users’ tastes are starting to blossom.

“THC content is not synonymous with quality marijuana, just like alcohol content is not synonymous with quality wine,” said Sota. “Not everyone wants to get debilitatingly high when they consume marijuana. As the industry matures, growers and breeders are developing high-quality strains that prioritize characteristics other than THC content, such as a strain’s medicinal benefits, mood enhancements, or flavor.”

North America is blazing with marijuana legalization efforts. Europe and other parts of the world are taking a slower approach. As the legalization efforts continue to pass worldwide, the demand for higher-quality marijuana is expected to increase drastically.

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