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New Mexico Representative Files Marijuana Legalization Bill

NM Marijuana Legalization

Democratic State Representative, Bill McCamley pre-filed a bill for marijuana legalization in New Mexico. The bill would allow those over the age of 21 to purchase and use marijuana legally. This bill also includes provisions for the legal production and use of hemp within the state for industrial purposes.

Laws and legislation are reported to be similar to Colorado’s laws. McCamley has taken a bit of advice from the Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act to prepare his bill in a proper and acceptable language. Earlier in 2015, the representative attempted to introduce a similar bill, but it was quickly shut down.

International Business Times shares that McCamley plans to present the bill to the state’s legislature during the upcoming January 2016 session.

After failing initially, Representative McCamley stated that, “What this is is the first step in a process. No one has ever come to the state with a framework for how we would make this happen before, and so it’s a process.”

Specific language has been included in the bill. For instance, New Mexico’s laws would not allow marijuana on federal property. The language also discusses limits and protecting of federal laws to prevent interfering with current state and federal laws that permit employers to test for marijuana.

Republicans in New Mexico plan to stop the bill from legalization, however, Representative McCamley is ready for the battle. The New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez has already planned to veto marijuana legalization efforts. The biggest obstacle is that New Mexico’s House of Representatives is Republican heavy.

New Mexico is expected to move toward decriminalization in terms of marijuana. It is also expected to examine legalization, regardless of the heated battle that is expected from both sides.

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