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Study Confirms Marijuana Extract Reduces Seizures in Children

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Epilepsy can be a deadly disorder, especially in children. In a new study, sixteen clinics in the United States gave marijuana extract-rich medications to 261 patients; many of those patients were children.

In the study, Cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring substance found in cannabis and marijuana, showed a nearly 50 percent decrease in seizure occurrences. CBD is nonpsychoactive and also helps reduce inflammation, which offers relief for patients with chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and arthritis.

The American Epilepsy Society held its 69th annual meeting this December. The society discussed study findings and clearly determined that marijuana-extract products do have medical benefits to reduce the frequency of seizures in children. Some of these children did not experience any seizures during the 3-month study. The society is also in agreement that these cannabinoid based products are safe for use.

A CBD product still deemed illegal by the United States federal government, Epidiolex, is not yet available to consumers. There are alternative options available: Epilepsy patients can obtain marijuana extract products from dispensaries in states with medical or recreational marijuana laws.

It is reported that nearly 80 percent of Americans support the use of medical marijuana to treat terminal and chronically debilitating conditions. The American Medical Association (AMA) is breaking away from siding with the federal government’s belief that marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

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