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Organizers of the Denver 4/20 Rally Hit with 3-Year Ban

Denver Marijuana Event

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock banned organizers of this year’s 4/20 rally from hosting events for the next three years. The mayor’s office says there were several violations during the event. A review of this year’s event left organizers with fines of $11,965 and damages of $190.

Happy Haynes of Denver Parks and Recreation said, “We will continue to ensure that events in our parks are safe, compliant and of high quality.”

The ban was called “extreme overkill” by an attorney for the organizers, according to The Denver Post. The attorney said that it’s a symbol of the mayor’s opposition of marijuana. The group plans to appeal the decision.

Rob Corry, the general counsel for the organizers, said, “I think we’ll be able to show…the city’s motivation is to silence the message (of the event) because there aren’t any actual concerns or problems, they are all technical in nature.”

An 11-page letter was delivered to the organizers.

Some of the violations noted include:

  • Noise complaints
  • Insufficient security
  • Unlicensed food vendors
  • Street closures
  • Lagging in trash removal

Corry says that noise complaints were never relayed to the event’s organizers” and that “none of these things remotely come close to justify revoking the event” for any duration.

In the letter it says, “Leaving the trash overnight in the park, even if bagged, is not effective or timely removal of trash from the park.” Although, the permit issued to organizers allowed for cleanup to go into the next day.

If violations remain in place, the organizers will consider a court battle. They have 15-days to appeal the decision.


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