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Poll: Majority of Coloradans Are Happy with Marijuana Legalization

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Five states – Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada – are voting on recreational marijuana legalization initiatives in November and several are looking at Colorado for answers. So how are the residents of Colorado feeling after voting to legalize recreational marijuana three years ago?

A new poll shows that Coloradans do like Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana in Colorado. A majority of Colorado voters say that legal recreational marijuana has positively impacted the state and its economy.

Mason Tvert of the MPP said, “One of the best indicators of whether legalization has been successful is how the public feels about it, and clearly most Coloradans think it was the right decision and wouldn’t want to change it.”

The poll, conducted with 629 registered voters resulted with 51-percent still in favor of Amendment 64. Those same persons polled were asked about their thoughts on the impact of legal recreational marijuana in Colorado, and 47-percent say a good impact has been made. Only 39-percent said that legal recreational marijuana has been bad, while 6-percent were undecided and 9-percent don’t think there’s been any impact.

Tvert also said, “There are a lot of folks trying to make it seem like the sky is falling in Colorado or that voters regret their decision, but this is yet another poll showing they still support it. It’s easy for opponents of legalization to put words into the mouths of Colorado voters. But these results actually let voters speak for themselves, and voters by and large would not want to go back to prohibition.”


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