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Rand Paul Gets Interviewed by High Times

Rand Paul Marijuana

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul was recently interviewed about his – consistently pro-marijuana – stance on medical and recreational marijuana legalization by High Times.

When Paul was asked how far he thinks marijuana decriminalization should extend he answered by saying: “States should be allowed to do what they want to do and the federal government should not intervene.”

Paul hopes to see marijuana’s Schedule I classification be drastically reduced. Paul stated, “I would probably go a little farther on the scheduling than rescheduling cannabis to Schedule II. I would probably take it even lower than that. But I think that change has to come about incrementally. Colorado’s experiment and Washington’s experiment – I think you’re going to see other states follow that route. We’re going to go little steps at a time. But if you do believe in states’ rights, you do have the ability to adapt a little bit at a time. As people see it working in various states, then maybe that will encourage other states. ”

“I’m very much an opponent of the War on Drugs,” stated Paul, who also believes in fundamental constitutional rights when he mentioned that “if you are going to classify something as right or wrong, or make something criminal or not criminal, it should be done at the state level – not at the federal level.

Paul is one of the only presidential candidates that is openly pro-marijuana. Meanwhile, a majority of the US population now accepts the concept of legalizing marijuana for medical use, which has led to a handful of presidential candidates now claiming they are for medical marijuana legalization (at a state level).


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