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Report Reveals Marijuana Use Commonplace in NFL

NFL Marijuana

A recently released article has comprehensively examined the use of marijuana in the National Football League (NFL).

Jamal Anderson, a former running back for the Atlanta Falcons, spoke candidly with sportswriter Mike Freeman about the prevalent marijuana use during his time in the NFL, and how marijuana use has continued to increase. 16 current NFL players (all of whom asked to stay anonymous) were also interviewed for the article about their marijuana use and their teammates.

An NFL assistant coach commented that “If you tested the players during the season every week, we wouldn’t be able to field a league” because marijuana use is so prevalent.

The report is an in-depth look at why so many NFL players are using marijuana for pain relief, how they pass drug tests, and what the NFL is and isn’t doing about its marijuana policy.

According to the article:

 A majority (“It’s at least 60% now” said Jamal Anderson) of NFL players use marijuana
NFL players mainly use marijuana for pain relief
Many NFL players use marijuana to deal with the ramifications of head trauma
Players not in the NFL’s substance abuse program are only drug tested once per year, and they know when that test will be taking place
Players that are in the NFL’s substance abuse program are drug tested 10 times per month.
Many NFL players report massive addiction problems to painkillers, yet most team owners do not want to allow marijuana use as an alternative

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