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Smoking Marijuana Is the Most Effective Method, Study Finds


Researchers at the University of New Mexico conducted a peer-reviewed study regarding different marijuana delivery methods. Their findings suggest that smoking marijuana is the best way to receive the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The study also adds more weight to there being therapeutic benefits in both CBD and THC.

Participants in the study were asked to log how they reacted to using marijuana in various delivery methods, Albuquerque Journal reports. Data was collected from 3,341 participants following 19,910 sessions.

Sarah Stith of the University of New Mexico said, “THC offers a more intense experience. Higher THC levels seem to be associated with more symptom relief and with more reporting of side effects, both positive and negative.”

Medicinal marijuana use goes far beyond what states accept as qualifying conditions for legal marijuana use.

“If you are taking it (marijuana) because you are stressed out after work…well in theory those are medicinal purposes,” said professor Jacob Miguel Vigil.

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