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Study: as Marijuana Legalization Blooms, Youth Use Rates Decrease

Youth Cannabis Use Rates

A new federal survey shows that teen marijuana use has dropped drastically since recreational legalization took effect. A 20.81% drop in teen usage is reported between 2013 and 2015. Roughly, 18.35% of teens, ages 12 to 17, admitted to using marijuana in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The study further shows that teen use continues to decline where marijuana is legal for recreational use, according to The Washington Post. To no surprise, in states where marijuana has become recreationally legal, adult use has increased (because more adults admit to using marijuana when it is legal).

The study does not conclude the reason for the drop in teen use, but it is thought that because legalized marijuana markets are government regulated, they diminish the illegal drug market which makes it harder for youth to obtain marijuana.

The findings of the study suggest that marijuana legalization and regulation work, especially for decreasing marijuana use among America’s youth.

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