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Study Finds That Marijuana Improves Night Vision

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An uncharacteristic benefit of marijuana may have been found in a recent study. Researchers at McGill University completed the study based upon observations from the 1990s. These observations were based upon the claims of a Jamaican angler who used marijuana regularly, saying that he had “uncanny ability to see in the dark.”

An experiment completed on an African toad to test this theory was completed, according to Fox News. The study confirmed these suspicions. Within the study, it was noted that cannabinoid properties reacting with certain retinal cells makes them more sensitive to light. This, in turn, increases the speed in which eyes respond to dim light stimuli.

One study author said, “We didn’t believe what we were seeing. The cannabinoids were increasing the excitability of cells in the eye that connects to the brain.”

Tadpoles were also studied. This study showed mixed results as some of them responded better to dots of light than others. Over a decade ago, in 2004, a study showed that humans tend to have better night vision after marijuana use. Oddly enough, no studies were completed at that time.

This research indicates that marijuana may be an option for those suffering from retinis pigmentosa and glaucoma since it appears to show that cannabinoids help protect retinal cells.

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