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Study: Parents Say Marijuana Improves Family Experiences and Engagement

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A recent study found that 79% of parents who use a little marijuana before watching television with their kids have a more enjoyable experience.

Robert Miner of Miner & Co., which conducted the study, said, “The stoner stereotype is so prevalent and persistent in TV and media that it continues to stigmatize those for whom cannabis is a part of their active and healthy lifestyle.”

The study shows that using a little marijuana and being a good parent can go hand-in-hand. About 70% of the participants said they use marijuana medicinally or for social experience or well-being enhancement. None placed themselves in the “stoner” category.

The participants also said that using marijuana helps them:

  • Bond with their kids
  • Be more engaged in the shows their kids are watching
  • Spend more time with their kids
  • Be more likely to look for shows they watched as kids to share with their kids
  • Want to talk about the shows they watch with their kids

Many people feel that the depiction of marijuana users are not properly portrayed in television shows. Some have voiced a desire for writers to stop stereotyping marijuana users as the Cheech and Chong-like stoners, and portray a more accurate representation of present day marijuana consumers.

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