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The Best Marijuana Strains for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Weed Thanksgiving

Pairing marijuana with a meal is an art. Whether it’s to enhance your meal, have room for a 2nd helping or preventing a food coma nap – there’s a strain for all. Give these marijuana strains a try this Thanksgiving.

Meal enhancement strains:

  • Sage – Energizing and a perfect pairing for turkey and all of the trimmings
  • Nice – Boasts flavors of Fall putting you in the mood for stuffing, apples and warm foods
  • Berry White – Boosts cravings for fruity flavors to break up the heaviness of your Thanksgiving meal
  • Pink Kush – Pairs great with sweet potatoes or yams
  • OG Kush – Great for getting you in the mood for veggies
  • Dream Queen – Tastes like espresso and is a good way to start your day

Food coma nap prevention strains:

  • Super Silver Haze – A strong sativa to help you keep your eyes open
  • Lemon Haze – Motivates you to load the dishwasher and put leftovers away
  • J1 – May help you stay awake long enough to get through one showing of ‘A Christmas Story’
  • Sour Diesel – Relaxing energy to help you cope with family
  • Green Candy – Calms anxiety while giving you enough energy to battle Black Friday crowds

Appetite enhancer strains:

  • Critical Mass – It might be hard to tear you away from the table
  • Cheese – Helps make room for a couple servings of dessert
  • Blue Dream – No specific craving, you’ll just be really hungry
  • Tangerine Power – It’ll help you get through a second serving

Happy Thanksgiving!

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