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The Top 10 Destinations for Marijuana Consumers in 2018


Social acceptance of marijuana is increasing around the world, so finding marijuana-friendly vacation destinations is getting a lot easier. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most intriguing destinations around the world where you can partake without worry.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is a great destination for coffee lovers and experiencing the Pacific Northwest. And now that recreational marijuana is legal there, it has become a great location for the avid marijuana consumer that seeks high-quality marijuana. August is the prime time to visit Seattle because Seattle Hempfest, one of the world’s largest marijuana-themed events, takes place on the 3rd weekend in August.

Kingston, Jamaica
Jamaican marijuana has long been touted to be some of the best in the world. While marijuana is (shockingly) still illegal there, arrests are rare, yet access to high-quality marijuana and marijuana-related events are bountiful.

Portland, Oregon
Portland has become a premiere marijuana destination that also offers amazing restaurants and microbreweries. The night life is unique and offers something for every lifestyle, along with prime marijuana strains to go along with the city’s ambiance.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic happens to be one of the most marijuana-friendly places in the world. Marijuana use is decriminalized in this central European country situated just east of Germany. The landscape is beautiful when sober but becomes breathtaking after a little marijuana use.

Christiana, Denmark
Christiana is a sovereign district (similar to Amsterdam’s Red Light district), so it doesn’t follow the same regulations as the rest of the country. The district has a farmer’s market just for marijuana, making it an ideal destination for marijuana enthusiasts to visit.

San Francisco, California (Bay Area)
California’s marijuana culture is expanding following legalization. Take time to visit the hippie counterculture of the Haight-Ashbury district and consider a sunset boat cruise on a private boat so that you can partake in true peacefulness.

Barcelona, Spain
Spain was one of the first countries to decriminalize marijuana. The ideal times to visit and enjoy the best of the country’s marijuana culture is during the Spannabis or High Life Expo events. Enjoy the beaches, authentic Spanish food and stunning architecture while you’re there too!

Vancouver, Canada
Recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Canada (implementation likely to be in July or August 2018), but establishments in Vancouver already offer the ultimate marijuana consumer experience with marijuana-friendly diners and cafes. Consumption within many establishments is acceptable, but purchases won’t be for another month or so.

Denver, Colorado
Spend some extra time in the Mile High City and visit as many of the 300+ marijuana establishments as you can. The food, landscape and adventure in and around the city await you. Take a marijuana bus or dispensary tour or stay at a marijuana-friendly bed and breakfast. Also make time to visit nearby mountain towns – such as Boulder, Keystone and Silverthorne – to enjoy their unique marijuana culture.

Anchorage, Alaska
Adult-use marijuana venues and dispensaries are approved in Anchorage. The best time to visit Anchorage is in the winter months so you can view the Northern Lights phenomenon – which is even more mesmerizing when your senses are elevated with Alaska’s high-quality marijuana.


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