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These Are 3 of the Strongest Marijuana Strains in the World

Marijuana THC

Knowing the THC percentage of marijuana strains can be very important. Just like with alcohol or prescription drugs, everyone has a unique tolerance for marijuana, and some people need a strain with a high THC level to properly medicate or to enjoy a great high. Below are three of the world’s most potent marijuana strains.

Chiquita Banana

The Chiquita Banana strain is categorized as one of the strongest in the world, as it regularly tests around 33 percent THC. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid that induces creativity. It is definitely not for novices; You really only need a few hits of Chiquita Banana to get your head in the clouds.

If you are a novice and try this strain, try a hit or two and then relax for 30 minutes to see how the high develops for you. If you do come across this strain, take it slow.

Y Griega

Y Griega commonly tests at over 27 percent THC. It is an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid that produces psychedelic effects. It tastes tropical, with a mix of sweet and floral. It’s a cross between Kali Mist and Amnesia strains. You’ll experience an increase of energy, creativity and euphoria from this strain, with a nice, long-lasting high.

Emperor Cookie Dough

Emperor Cookie Dough is most frequently found in Southern California markets. It has tested as high as 31.1 percent THC. Its parent strains are Girl Scout Cookies and Emperor OG. It’s a true heavy hitter with a long-lasting high. It’s ideal for evening use, especially right before bed. It helps with pain, insomnia and stress, to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is meant to be used as medicine and/or for pleasure, which is why it’s important to learn your tolerance and what strains are right for you. Not all potent THC strains have long-lasting highs, some are intense and fade in less than an hour, while others may last 2 hours or more.

Always ask your budtender what the THC percentage is. If they don’t know, consider skipping that strain so you’re not the victim of an overbearing and unpleasant experience.

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