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Trade School Is Teaching People to Become “Marijuana Sommeliers”

Sommelier Marijuana

Sommeliers, or wine stewards, are highly trained wine professionals. But Trichome Institute in Colorado has created a training program for what they call “marijuana sommeliers.” The course teaches students how to pair marijuana strains with the proper foods.

Based upon the aroma and written information about a strain, students create meals that complement the strain, Business Insider reports. Multiple course dinners can be created to match each course with a specific strain, such as Blue Dream tagging along for a dessert of white chocolate crème brulee.

Marijuana has sticky resin glands that create terpenes. Terpenes are the oils you smell coming from the marijuana, as it’s burned or heated. Terpenes provide different effects, which is also a reason for craving different types of foods with different strains. It is important to know that not every marijuana strain gives you the “munchies.”

The marijuana sommelier course at Trichome Institute teaches students how to differentiate proper food pairings in regards to the terpenes in the strain. Marijuana plants are dissected in class to conduct a series of lab experiments to determine proper food pairings.


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