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Marijuana Strain Reviews

Types of Marijuana Strains

Marijuana has grown in the wild for thousands of years, so there are many different stains (or types). Each has different qualities when it comes to size, THC and CBD levels, speed of growth, pest resistance, and so forth. In addition, different strains of marijuana are better at relieving certain medical condition symptoms than others. So patients should take the time to find what type of marijuana works best for their condition.

There are two primary types of cannabis. Cannabis Sativa, which grows in almost all equatorial regions of the globe including Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and Jamaica among others. The second type, Cannabis Indica, that grows in southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc.)

Looking for Reviews on Medical Marijuana in Arizona?

Check out our Arizona medical marijuana reviews. You’ll find reviews of marijuana in Arizona that is provided to patients by other patients, caregivers and (soon) dispensaries in Arizona. In the Reviews section, you can find info about marijuana, hash, tinctures, 420 clothing, edibles and more…

Our favorite types of medical marijuana strains and seeds: