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Ice Marijuana Strain Review

flowering ice marijuana strain
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Ice Marijuana

Genetics Sativa/Indica hybrid
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Difficulty Medium
Yield Medium
Height Medium – High
Flowering time 8-9 weeks
THC Level High 15 – 20%
Feeling Very strong, stoned feeling

Ice comes from a long line of well-known ancestors: Afghani, Skunk, Northern Light, and Shiva. If you have had any of these strains individually, then you can only image what they are like teamed up together. Cultivators went through an extremely intense selection process to find the right strains for this perfect mix.

The strain gets its name from the large amount of trichomes that cover the flowers. So many that it literally makes the plant look like it is covered in ice.

Ice cannabis buds are dense and have a very pungent odor when smoked. Make sure you have a couch to sink into after smoking these buds. It produces a very heavy high that can cause “couch-lock” like no other.

This strain is great for growing indoors and the Ice strain tends to do excellent in soil grow rooms. It will do fine in a hydroponic or aeroponic grow system, but is perfect for soil enthusiasts.

The Ice marijuana strain was winner of the 1998 Cannabis Cup.



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