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Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Form

So, a bunch of bull-shit from the AZDHS again today. If you haven’t signed up for the AZDHS alerts, make sure you do. It’s always a good laugh to read them. Below is an excerpt from the latest AZDHS alert from Sheriff William Humble. I spared you the parts that were needless to say, worthless. Below is what you need to know. Leave comments at bottom of this page.


From: William Humble, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services

“Some websites seem to imply that the certifications that physicians are writing right now will be valid for getting a medical marijuana registry identification card from the Arizona Department of Health Services once the law takes effect on April 14. This is not the case.”

“Our goal is to complete the Rulemaking by March 28.”

“If a patient has had a medical appointment prior to March 28 and received some kind of certification or sheet of paper- the patient will need to ask their physician to fill out and sign the official form in order to receive an AZ Medical Marijuana Card.”

Comments from Dan:

This, ladies and gentleman is what is meant by a “self-appointed dipshit.” You also might refer to this as a “power-trip.” It’s typically found in men that compensate for having a small penis.

Apparently, these forms that the AZDHS have not yet created or released are going to be released on March 28th and they are the forms that God must have written Himself; as the prescription and evaluation you may have already received from a Board Certified Physician was not enough. I must have been asleep when Will Humble and the rest of the AZDHS decided to go to medical school and came up with an evaluation form for patients that exceeds the quality of a Board Certified Physicians request.

That’s fine. I’ll play their game. What goes around comes around.

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